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Board Members
President:  Vacant
Vice President:  Kathy Miller
Secretary:  Marie Fulford
Treasurer:  Julie Murrell
Member At Large:  Amy Wheeler-Sutton

Position Holders
Historian:  Melissa McCaffrey
Fundraising:  Melissa McCaffrey
Programs:  Hillary Case
New Member Coordinator:  Kathy Eldridge
MNO Coordinator:  Erica Rizzotto, Jill Larkham and Shannon McNamee
Community Service:  May Johnson
Children’s Events:  Heather Allen and Martha Ho
Playgroup Coordinator:  Briana Grastruck
Tag Sale Committee:  Annemarie Bianchetto and Marie Fulford
In-A-Pinch Coordinator:  Jessica Stowe
Website:  Erica Rizzotto