Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I join?

Contact us and meet our New Member coordinator. She can help you participate in an event.

What does it cost?

Annual dues are $35.

How do I know I will like it?

Of course you'll like it, we are great! Just kidding. Work with the New Member coordinator to participate in an event so you can meet the other parents and see our philosophy.

How can I contribute?

We are always looking for parents that can help with events, donate their skilled time or contribute ideas for new activities. Let us know what interests you and we will connect you to the right person.

Do I have to use social media to stay informed?

We use three platforms for communication - email, facebook and Wild Apricot. You don't have to join facebook to stay informed; however, a lot of the parents use it as a tool for communication.

What else is there?

A members' site to sell or find items, the area's best Consignment Sale and In-A-Pinch assistance.