Giving Back

Giving back to the community around us is an important tenet of the Chelmsford Mothers’ Club, and a great example to set for our children. This past year the CMC has been able to give of our time, money, and goods through the generosity of our members. Members have filled backpacks for children, made toys for shelter animals, cleaned up our parks, given back to mothers and children who are less fortunate, and helped our local senior citizens.

Seasonal Charity

Each month (or season), our club supports local charities through events like the Mom Soiree and photo sessions.

The Wish Project

We support The Wish Project through volunteer outings and for a call to action when they need extra help or donations.

Seasonal Activities

There are special times of year that can be really difficult for local families. Outfitting a child with school supplies or providing Halloween costumes are just two areas the club supports.

Upcoming Events

Caring for the community garden

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Please join us for another season of gardening for a cause! We will work all summer and fall to grow fresh produce at the Chelmsford Community Garden at Sunny Meadow Farm. Sign up for one week, or for several.

Each week that you sign up for, you will be responsible for maintaining our space. This includes tasks such as watering, weeding, harvesting, and delivering donations. Typically, this would take about 30 minutes each visit and how many visits per week would depend on the weather. A super rainy week may only require a couple of visits, whereas a heatwave may require daily watering. Visits are flexible and you can head over whenever it works best for your schedule.

Kids are ALWAYS welcome! We have a special area in our plot designated just for them. There is plenty of space for them to run around, a climber with a slide, a kids sized picnic table, and plenty of chalk and bubbles!

All tools are provided and kept in the community tool shed. They are labeled for CMC use.

For more information about the garden and our plot, join the CMC Community Garden facebook group!


Volunteering at The Wish Project
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The Wish Project - North Chelmsford
Please join us at The Wish Project's new location in North Chelmsford! We will volunteer together. On a typical morning, volunteers spend their time sorting and organizing incoming donations which usually means clothing and bedding.

The Wish Project is a critical resource for furniture, household goods and baby needs serving these families in need. In any given week, there are as many as 100 families with children, sleeping on the floor in largely unfurnished apartments in our own community. Without The Wish Project, families have very few affordable options. Household furnishings for a family is a burden that too often families can not carry. So they simply go without. With support from The Wish Project they are able to manage their expenses, reducing the likelihood of becoming homeless again.

**please wear closed toe shoes**
**Big kids (15years ) are welcome to join!