The Chelmsford Mothers' Club hosts monthly general meeting open to all members. Monthly meetings are geared towards promoting personal growth as mothers, providing strategies for effective parenting, and managing the stresses and challenges our members and their families face daily. Meetings over the past year have included educational parenting topics such as children’s sleep, managing childhood anxiety and anger, encouraging reluctant eaters, social emotional learning, and normative speech and language development. The CMC also host a variety of speakers and panels covering topics for parents including creative outlets for managing stress, estate planning, and how to re-enter the workforce after raising children.

Occasionally, meetings are activity-based, such as a member skill-share, crafting, or favorite things swap. We also host two catered celebrations each year: one to celebrate our members who have added to their family over the past year, and our annual meeting which reviews the past year, looks ahead to the coming year, and recognizes our invaluable volunteers.

Each meeting runs for approximately two to two and a half hours, allowing time for members to socialize with one another and enjoy light refreshments before the presentation. Monthly meetings often draw a great variety of club members, making it a wonderful way for new and old members to meet, exchange ideas, and network.

Topics and events for the upcoming year include:

  • Life by Design
  • Bullying
  • New Mom & Baby Celebration
  • Favorite Things & Cookie Swap
  • Kids & Animals
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Intentional Parenting

Find out how to join us for our next general meeting!

Our Next General Meeting

Parents as Educators

May 25th, 2021 

6:45 PM - 9:00 PM


Join Theresa Wiggins, M.Ed. of Village Parenting to learn how you are the primary educator in your child’s life. Learn strategies for helping your child with both behavioral and academic success. Leave this workshop feeling empowered by the role you play!

About Theresa: I am an educator, a business owner, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and, most importantly, a parent of three children.

I spent the first eight years of my 13-year teaching career as a special educator. I served students with a wide range of disabilities, including specific learning disabilities, ADHD, spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, developmental delays, communication impairments, and emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Later I became a general educator. I loved figuring out where my students were with a particular skill and then bringing them to the next level. At the same time, I taught them how to think about their own thinking, or understand their own process of learning.

I taught these same skills in the social arena, striving to help my students understand themselves as a part of our classroom community. Building a safe and vibrant community was a cornerstone of my practice.